Soapy Massage

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Korean Massage Las VegasSoapy massage experience occurs in three stages: a thorough washing in the large bathtub, a full-body nude rubdown-massage on the hot, soapy air mattress, and a final massage/adult services session of the bed. Although the bathtub washing generally occurs first, some masseuses prefer giving you the air mattress treatment first. In both situations, you and your masseuse will be fully nude (with the exception of the Minnie Mouse or Hello Kitty shower cap she may be wearing to keep her hair from getting wet) and all soaped-up. If you’ve treated your masseuse well (see #1 below), she may even sing to you through the entire experience, at no additional charge.

Veterans of the soapy experience are essentially here for the mattress part. Initially, you’ll lie face down on the mattress while your masseuse first covers you with hot, soapy water, then uses every imaginable portion of her body to slide over the back of your body.   Remember that there’s more body surface on a curvy masseuse when you make your initial selection. The laws of physics really do apply here, especially relating to inertia. After every imaginable area of the back of your body has been body-massaged by every imaginable frontal area of your masseuse’s, she’ll ask you to turn over for a little front-to-front. There are some amazing positions for massage wherein your masseuse faces you while lying down, then intertwines her legs around and through yours, then massages you with her thighs. There’s always a mirror above so you can get a bird’s eye view of your experience. This activity lasts 10-15 minutes.