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Korean massage (Ji-ap) incorporates techniques of Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, & uses many different Japanese massage techniques along with acupuncture and herbal remedies in conjunction with Korean medicine. It is usually a deep massage that aims to reduce tension and stress in the muscles.

Korean massage incorporates the ‘jjimjilbang’ (steam room or saunas) which is a place to sweat and purify. Often hot compresses are used and a body scrub of every layer of dead skin with special coarse towels.  This towel is one of the main reasons why Koreans skin is so young looking when upwards in age.

Korean massage therapy has a significantly different atmosphere from other Western massage parlors. Because Koreans believe that the mind and body are interconnected, their massage therapies are blended with traditional hanbang, or Oriental medicine, practices to help promote a balanced energy flow throughout the entire body. These practices are evident as soon as you step inside.

Korean massage is also one of the few body treatment styles that offer a variety of full-body work, including special perspiration room visits, deep massage, full-body exfoliation, meditation and traditional glass cupping or hot stone massage. Many Asian spas offer facial treatments as well.